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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let's Hug + Why is The Hills popular? = MY 1st BLOG!

Hello, hey, what's up, hi! "ShanaSpeaks--> what's she saying now?!" has officially begun. I'm excited! It's fun to pretend like you have a serious following that reads every word you "publish." 

This will be a short post because 1- I'm supposed to be packing; 2- I'm sleepy; 3- I don't want to talk you to death (yet).

Today was a good day. After my dentist finished digging for gold in my teeth, I went dress shopping with my sister. (I love the 7 train- image google it) 

Speaking of a good day, here's a tip that I found in the August 08 Glamour magazine (of all magazines, right?) that can help you have a good day too. Hugging people can actually help improve your health. This action can cause the release of a hormone that reduces stress and improves cardio & immune system health. I always did like hugging (loved ones, not strangers). So stop acting like you hate your mom (or mother figure/dad/whoever) and give her a hug today

1 more thing...

I am searching for reasons why I watch The Hills. It's basically 20 minutes of mumbling about so-called drama & I'm not sure why it's so popular. I think one explanation is because there's nothing else on TV these days. =/ Will further investigate...

That's all for now. Come back for more stuff about important and not-so-important events, etc.


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