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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Amber Rose: To Hate or Not to Hate?

It's not that I CAN'T knock the hustle. It's that I WON'T knock the hustle. Kanye's ladyfriend, Amber Rose, is literally a buzz topic on all the radio stations and even more on the Internet. Due to her *ahem* hard work and, of course, strategic partnership with Kanye West, Amber has managed to become a celeb in her own right.

On her blog on, Amber recently announced that she will be moving to NYC, due to her new contract with Ford Models, claiming, "I do not want to 'waste my celebrity..." So, she is pursuing her modeling and acting career. And you know what? Why not?! She's young, beautiful (arguably), and Kanye's girlfriend. The fact of the matter is she is using her assets (no pun intended) to get what she wants in life. Do I agree with it? Not really. But Kanye has decided to practically give this woman fame on a platter. So let's not hate on her..."I ain't sayin she a gold digger..." LMAO

Check Out her Blog (OR just click on the pic above)>>

But on a side note...
Why couldn't none of his BLACK girlfriends get some fame? (Not to mention, his ex-fiance, who clearly wants some attention, hence, Harlem Heights) I know there's talk about Amber's "mixed" background, but let's keep it 100% real. Ya'll know most people view her as a white woman (no offense to white or bi-racial people of course). I don't mean to be so ignorant, but dang, Kanye!

Ok, ok I'm done now. =)


Amber said...

well i don't consider her black or white i consider her bi-racial :)

Shana said...

Personally, I can tell that she's possibly bi-racial. But unfortunately, most people--whom I've spoken with at least-- get the impression that she's a white woman. My point? It just seems like another case of some of our browner sisters getting ignored while lighter ones seem to be glorified. It's not her fault, but Kanye is kinda trippin.
Thanks for the comment!

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