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Friday, July 10, 2009

Bill O'Reilly Reilly Amuses Me (Get it? Reilly=Really.. ha ha)

It was the shot heard round the world, "Enough with the phony platitudes, ok?"

*GASP* Oh, my! Ladies and gentlemen, Bill O'Reilly has once again went out of his way to make an ignorant statement for his spectacle of a show. This time, his target is the late Michael Jackson. (Because you know how dangerous the dead can be, of course.)

Ok, but with my sarcasm aside; there actually was a time when his outlandish, almost God-like judgments placed upon strangers and situations would outrage me! But after several years of hearing such brash and illogical statements, I honestly just became amused by them. My apologies, militant black people, die hard liberals, and avid Michael Jackson-ites-- I just CAN'T get mad at the Bill O'Reilly!

This man continues to get fame and fortune by attempting to destroy the public images of complete strangers through his words. Now, the only thing I feel when I hear about Mr. O'Reilly is CONFUSION. I'm perplexed--WHY DO PEOPLE TAKE HIM SO SERIOUSLY? Bill O'Reilly may or may not even really believe half of the fluff that he says himself. But, regardless of whether or not he genuinely supports his theatrical statements, one thing is for sure-- Bill O'Reilly will constantly play on the raw emotions and ignorance of masses of people in order to get PAID! (Dolla dolla bill ya'll) He's in it for the doe. Whenever a person is willing to ignore ethics or logic, he is not to be trusted or taken seriously! Period. Point blank.

So people can stop trying to argue with Bill O'Reilly (or literally yelling at the TV)-- it's just going to bring him even more paper. Let's honestly just let Michael Jackson rest in peace by doing what we should've been doing all along--ignoring the hell outta Bill O'Reilly (but laughing at his show when no one's around).
Some call it commentary; I call it entertainment.


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