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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chris Brown Apologizes Like a Grown Man is Supposed To

My dearest readers! I have abandoned the blogosphere for a week, which is a year in blogging time. My apologies! I have several over-due posts underway now.

Down to business-- as everyone knows by now, Chris Breezy has released a public apology regarding the Rihanna assault incident in February. I have to say, it was extremely well done (minus the loud reddish-orange turtle neck). And though we know that Chris Brown didn't write those words himself, his publicist did an excellent job of conveying his real take on the situation. Unfortunately, cycles of abuse are continued from one generation to the next, just like in Brown's life. Considering his own childhood experiences, we need to have some compassion; it's really time that we (the public) begin to at least consider forgiving Chris Brown for his mistake that day.

But to all you women out there who justified his beat-down on Rihanna-- I just gotta say, "In yo face!" Nope, ya'll are not off the hook! Chris himself has accepted full responsibility-- as well as a real man should-- and doesn't create excuses or even condones his violent actions. You can stop making excuses for Chris now and go back to making excuses for your (possibly abusive) partner, like you usually do.

On a side note...That Oops! chain is reeaall suspect...I'm just sayin.


S. Justin said...

I like that last paragraph. What is your stance on women who justify domestic violence toward themselves or other women?

Shana said...

Thanks for the comment Justin!

On women who justify domestic violence>>
1. I have very little tolerance for this because this is HALF the reason why domestic violence occurs at the rate in which it does. Women who ALLOW men to CONSISTENTLY mistreat them not only enable the problem instead of stopping it, but also usually continue a cycle of violence (usually handed to her daughter, who eventually begins tolerating abuse as well).
2. However, I do understand that individuals in abusive relationships hardly ever see the problem and solution as clearly as someone removed from the situation. It's a lot easier for me to tell a battered woman to leave perhaps the only man who she feels ever "loved" her or took care of her.

S. Justin said...

You're welcome! I don't even remember where I was going with that question. (lol) But thanks for your insight.

I wonder if you heard the news story about the little girl in.. I want to say Phoenix.. who was raped. Her family, who are Liberian, either refuse to believe it happened or they blame what did happen on the little girl.

Here's the story:

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