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Monday, July 13, 2009

Confessions of a "Stuck-Up Spelmanite" Pt.1: The Female Once-Over

This is the first entry in my new series, "Confessions of a 'Stuck-Up Spelmanite" (A Spelmanite is a woman who attends/ attended Spelman College). This is basically my candid & relatable look into my thoughts about life as a presumed snob. Like many people, I've been labelled throughout most of my life. Sometimes nice, more not so nice, and some that leave me saying, "Uh, Thank You???"

For example, have you ever survived the social rite of passage that I call the "What I Thought When I First Met You" Ceremony? You know what I'm talking about... When someone finally figures out that you're a pretty cool, down-to-earth person instead of the stuck-up chick who "think she cute." You know those people-- they assume that they know everything about your character without ever holding a conversation with you. But once you're deemed "cool," then they spill all the beans about how stuck-up they initially thought you were. RANDOM PERSON: "You know what, Shana? You're really cool. Cuz I thought you were stuck-up at first!" ME: "Uh, Thanks?"
Gee, I'm soooo very happy that you decided to get to know me before you stamped me with "stuck-up" for all eternity!

Today's Strange Social Phenomenon: "The Female Once-Over."
Situational Description: You're walking down a city street to your job/internship. You're minding your own business, but you're walking with confidence (don't get it twisted). An anonymous female stares at you from head to toe (or vice versa), usually with a near-scowl on her face.
Solution: If you like my outfit or hair (which I didn't put that much effort into, by the way), please smile or nod. Otherwise, it just looks like you're giving me the death stare.

The Female Once-Over (aka The Death Stare)


The "I Approve" Look (if you don't approve of another woman's outfit, just look away lol)

See the difference?


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