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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Unemployed Woman Sues College for Tuition

A 27-year-old New York woman (represent! lol) is suing her Alma mater, Monroe College in the Bronx Supreme Court for $70,000 in tuition money! She claims that the Office of Career Advancement did not follow through on the promises that it makes. Monroe College's spokeswoman declares that this lawsuit is "without merit."

Look, I don't know what exactly happened in this specific situation, but I can't help it-- I was GLAD to hear this in the news. It's about time someone started holding schools accountable for the debt that many schools practically require and the unmatched employment thereafter.

The fact of the matter is, employment standards continue to rise while employment continues to decline. I understand that colleges can't control the job market or the economy. And I also understand that in a competitive job market, individuals should distinguish themselves in various ways, namely through higher-level education. But, where does that leave the real, hard-working people who are trying to keep up, but the economy and job market won't let up? Is it honestly the faults of every single individual out there who took out loans to distinguish themselves in a competitive market? Is it a coincidence that there are thousands of Americans struggling with finding employment after spending ginormous amounts of money for higher education? And/ or could it be that colleges (and employers as well) need to be held more accountable? What should you do if you did your part (that includes using career services, networking, internships, fellowships, etc.), but the college didn't really do its part? Or maybe, this could be another example of an emerging era in which individuals claim less and less responsibility for their own actions (or lack thereof) and ultimately, their own lives.

Maybe this woman is just trying to get paid, but if her claims are true, I hope she gets every last penny of that tuition money and sparks something among the several Americans who are in this same situation.

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