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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sarah Palin *shakes head*

I'm not going to speak about policy and party affiliations. That's getting old. Governor Sarah Palin has been the leading act in recent interviews and other media events. She's been highly criticized for her interview with Katie Couric. I can't really blame people, either. When was it ok for the next possible VP to say "I'll get back to ya?!"
But I think that these are testaments to what I initially thought of Senator McCain's VP pick. I feel that Gov. Palin is little more than a figurehead for the McCain campaign. In a desperate and selfish attempt to renew interest in his campaign, McCain has found his secret weapon-- A WOMAN! And not just a stiff, man-ish VP, but a hockey mom of 5, one of which is volunteering in the military & one of which has Down Syndrome. Through marriage, she is of Native Alaskan heritage (DIVERSITY!). She's just a PTA mom who wants to make a difference. There you have it-- "SARAH PALIN: A FRESH PERSPECTIVE"!
All of these qualities are great, but does she have enough experience & knowledge of her running mate/ D.C.? CAN SHE RUN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?
Sarah Palin is being used. And what's worse? It just might work. As a feminine feminist (lol, but seriously), I am a proud supporter of female leaders and professionals. However, the standards of quality should not be lowered just to satisfy an unofficial quota. Appointing an unqualified woman is equivalent to no woman--or man, for that matter--serving in that position in the first place. The VP debate this past Thursday made it clear to me that Palin is not ready to do this. Her rehearsed answers, "John is a maverick," and superb ability to divert the questions proves that a 5 week crash course cannot prepare her for a debate or interview or (drum roll please)........ the vice presidency.
And a note on that Catie Couric interview. Yes, Palin doesn't really know her stuff about MCain's policy. BUT, please don't forget the dog-eat-dog nature of the media. Most people have awkward moments in their interviews, but I think Gov. Palin was denied the luxury of the fancy editing that most others get. Furthermore, the questions appeared to be tailored to show her in the worst light possible before she even began to answer the questions.
My rant has come to an end. =)


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