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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Barack Obama is our U.S. President. Barack Obama is our President! Barack Obama is our PRES-I-DENT! I'm still taking it all in, I guess putting it in writing is validating. 

And now, all I have to say is, "IN YO FACE!"
IN YO FACE.... To all those racists who couldn't get over their prejudices for the sake of our country.

IN YO FACE... To all those doubtful Black Democrats who thought Hillary was more viable for the presidency! 

IN YO FACE... To all those LOSERS who DIDN'T VOTE (yeah, we know who you are)!

IN YO FACE... To those people who don't support SPELMAN COLLEGE. YEAH, we were on almost every major news channel last night. YEAH, that 106 year old lady Obama mentioned in his victory speech, Mrs. Ann Nixon Cooper, is SPELMAN ALUMNA

IN YO FACE... To those civil rights leaders who were hating on Obama (I'm not going to name no names). 

IN YO FACE... To LIL' WAYNE who said in a Blender magazine interview, "A woman or a black man versus an old white dude? Fuck no! They gonna be like, This black-ass nigga trying to come in my Oval Office? Fuuuuck no." What now Lil' Wayne?!? (I can't stand him.)

IN YO FACE... Bill O' Reilly and FOX News!

IN YO FACE... Spell Check; for underlining Barack Obama as an incorrectly spelled word. (Microsoft needs to fix that.)

IN YO FACE! IN YO FACE! IN YO FACE! long as the losers are getting attention, I'd also 
like to acknowledge some people.
SHOUT OUT... To those who made sure they registered in time to vote.

SHOUT OUT... To those who waited for hours (or just a few minutes) to vote. 

SHOUT OUT... To those who put away
 their racial prejudices for the good of the country. 

SHOUT OUT... To those who volunteered to help Obama's campaign and get people registered! 

SHOUT OUT... To everybody who was acting a fool last night (ESPECIALLY in the Atlanta). 

SHOUT OUT... To Elizabeth on the View for giving Obama his props. 

SHOUT OUT... To the international community for being just as excited about the election. 

Barack Obama is our next president! Barack, Michelle, Sasha, & Malia (+ a new puppy) are moving in the White House! *sigh of contentment* Thus far, Tuesday, November, 4, 2008 is the best day of my life! 


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