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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Despite Incessant Radio Mediocrity, 5 Songs Make it to My "In Heavy Rotation" List

I could post a rant about the rather pathetic state of music right now, but I've decided to share what's currently in heavy rotation on my iPod. Of course, I listen to much more than 5 songs, but these are at the top right now. Below is my Imeem playlist.

1. "Get Fresh" Another single from Chicago MC, Kid Sister (still patiently awaiting her official album; i don't do mixtapes). It's mean base line and electro sounds are--simply put--FRESH, hence the title. If I could, I'd totally break dance to this.

2. "Liberian Girl" Don't know about you, but I grew up on Michael Jackson. One of MJ's lesser-known singles off of 88's Bad album, "Liberian Girl" is authentically romantic, and not even the funniest Michael joke can take away from that.

3. "Ready for the Floor" I picked this one up from my sister, therefore, it's different. Between that contagious 80's dance sound and random cell phone/pager noises, I can't help put tap into my inner dork dance moves. And of course, the band's name is Hot Chip.

4. "So Beautiful" Musiq Soulchild has made yet another R&B song that is capable of converting even this hip hop head. Take note, young men. I promise you; when it comes to us ladies, Musiq is your friend, not Lil' Wayne.

5. "Butterfly" So the band name Crazy Town, may be leaning towards the lame side, but this old throwback is not. Nearly 10 years later, "Butterfly" is still that cool/chill/swagged-out song. Well, to me, at least.


In heavy Rotation


Beezo said...

You're an excellent writer, I'm jealous.

Shana Lisa said...

Why thank you!

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